AR1000 Roller Door Opener

The advanced new powerful AR1000 Roller Door Opener is designed and manufactured to suit single or double domestic roller doors up to 14m2.

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  • 1x Opener Drive Unit
  • 2x Four Button Transmitters
  • 1x Wireless Wall Button

ar 1000 set


Soft Start/Stop Functions

Provides a quiet and smooth operation that starts and ends the doors cycle gently to reduce wear and extend the life of the door.

Simple and Handy Installation

The AR1000 comes with a handy easy to follow installation guide.

Quiet Motor

The AR1000 has a quiet, powerful motor that is low noise and low power exhaustion

Unique Code Transmitters

With its smart technology, the AR1000 offers a unique code generation with each operation. The rolling code transmitter has 4.29 billion coding combinations, meaning the AR1000 provides your high security needs.

4 Button Transmitter

This small convenient transmitter has the ability to open four doors from the one unit.

Reliable and Simple Operation

An easy control with just a touch of a button you can watch the AR1000’s smooth, simple and reliable operation


Automatic Safety & Obstruction Reverse

The AR1000 has a Automatic Safety and Obstruction Reverse System. The safety reverse force can be adjusted to suit the door and reduce the possibility of damaging property in the event of impact or obstruction.

Manual Release

In case of an emergency you can simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.

LED Courtesy Light

A stylish design and modern appearance  that provides a  courtesy light that last for up to 3 minutes.


The AR1000 Roller Door Motor is covered by ARD Garage Doors amazing 1 year/10,000 cycle warranty.



  • Input voltage: 240V AC
  • Rated door area: 14m2
  • Pulling force: 1000N
  • Minimum side room: 71mm
  • Max Door Weight: 120Kg
  • 433.92 MHz with unique code generation technology
  • Garage illumination: 3 Min
  • Warranty 1 Year/10,000 cycle

ar 1000 diagram

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