The Importance of having the right Garage Door

You always want your home to not only be a safe place but convenient and easy to live in too. A good...

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How to Select the Best Garage Door for your Home

The idea of choosing the best garage door is difficult. The process can even feel quite overwhelming...

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The Ultimate Guide to Garage Doors

We break down the differences between sectional and roller doors to help you choose the right door f...

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Measures that ensure your garage door provide maximum security

Garages can be where you store some of your most expensive possessions, and this doesn’t always mean...

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Customising a Garage Door

Natural lighting can make a huge difference in any home. We often use a smart combination of windows...

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Stand Out Garage Door Options & Materials

With the trend towards double or even triple garages in new houses, the garage door is a bigger desi...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Garage Door

A good garage door will last decades, so it makes sense to spend a little extra time and effort maki...

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Choosing the Right Garage for Your Weather Environment

A garage might not have the same stringent temperature requirements as your general living space, bu...

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The Benefits of Building Your Own Storage Unit

If you have space in the garage, placing a few stacked boxes in a corner will do for storage. But ov...

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How to Compliment Your Garage Door With The Perfect Yard and Driveway

When you think about your home’s curbside appeal, your driveway might not be the first thing that co...

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Roller Door Installation

Installing a new roller door on an existing garage, workshop or outbuilding will improve security, a...

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What kind of garage door is best for commercial use?

There are two kinds of garage doors that are in most common use. Both have their respective advantag...

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How to Find the Right Garage Door for your Commercial Space

A garage door is a major purchase for any commercial business. Not only does it need to be functiona...

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Choosing a Double Or Single Garage In Your Knockdown Or Rebuild Plan

With suburban land becoming scarcer and more expensive across Australia, many homeowners are choosin...

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Which Garage Door is Right for My Style of Home?

The front of your house is the first thing people see when they visit your home. The impression it m...

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8 Garage Improvement Tips for Boosting Your Home’s Resale Value

We’ve put together some easy ways for you to spruce up your garage, so that you can both enjoy it wh...

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20 Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Garage

For many people, a big goal for life is to have complete independence; working for yourself, with yo...

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7 Reasons to Choose a Shed Made Out of Steel

Of all the materials that are available when building a shed or constructing a garage door, steel sh...

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Designing the Perfect Garage for the Modern Home

One of the most exciting aspects of owning your own home is having the freedom and ability to custom...

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A Guide to Waterproofing Your Garage to Protect Your Belongings

In the past, waterproofing was not always a high priority when constructing a garage, as it was not...

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The Boat Series Part 1: A Guide to Restoring Your Boat

Restoring an old boat to its former glory can be a highly rewarding exercise, but it’s not something...

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The Ultimate Guide to A Successful Garage Sale

A clean out is good for the soul, and if you’re moving house or just overrun with clutter, having a...

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How to Use a High Pressure Water Cleaner to Clean Your Garage, Barn or Shed

A man’s best friend is his garage, barn or shed, and if you want to keep your man cave clean, the be...

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Garage Doors Are Not All the Same. Which Should You Choose?

When choosing a garage door, it’s true that looking at functionality is important. Will it be an aut...

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How to Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop

For those of us with a do-it-yourself twinge running in our veins, and who happen to have a garage w...

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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Workshop

For those of us with a do-it-yourself twinge running in our veins, and who happen to have a garage w...

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How to Make Running Repairs on Your Garage Roller Door

For the big maintenance projects on your garage door such as such as replacing the electric motor or...

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Tips for Keeping Your Garage Safe for the Family

There are plenty of places in your home that can be dangerous – the kitchen, the bathroom and defini...

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How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Your Home’s Exterior

People do all kinds of weird things to avoid making choices. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg always wears...

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How to Get More Fresh Air Into Your Garage

When it’s 30 degrees in the middle of the night and 10 degrees hotter during the day, it’s just abou...

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How to Improve Ventilation in Your Garage

More and more people are making use of their garages for activities beyond leaving their cars there.

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Garage Envy: 7 Ways to Create a Magnificent Man Cave

If you find yourself with the need for more space to call your own and you don’t mind parking the ca...

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Boat Storage and Maintenance: How To Look After Your Boat In Summer

Boat Storage and Maintenance: How To Look After Your Boat In Summer

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Tips for Successfully Resurfacing Your Garage Floor

An uncared for garage floor is an eyesore that can present a major hazard for anybody using it.

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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Zen Yoga Space

Do you love the idea of incorporating a daily yoga session into your busy schedule, but don't always...

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How to Easily Turn Your Garage Into the Perfect Band Rehearsal Space

Despite the fact many successful bands started out by rehearsing in their mum’s garage, they’re actu...

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How to Convert Your Garage Into the Perfect Home Office

The garage isn’t always the first space people think off when looking to build themselves a home off...

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9 Security Tips for Your Garage

By the time you finish reading this article, approximately five homes will have been broken into in...

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3 Ways to Bring Natural Light Into Your Garage

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably given little thought to the usage and styling of you...

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5 Unique Ways to Repurpose Old Garage Doors

Nothing lasts forever, and despite being so strong and resilient, your garage door is no exception.

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How to Maintain Your Garage Roller Door

Whether you raise and lower your garage door manually or electrically, regular attention to the trac...

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How to Set Up a Pro Home Gym in Your Garage

For a dedicated user, setting up a home gym in your garage can save you a tidy bunch on gym fees in...

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20 Awesome Pieces of Roller Door Graffiti From Around the World

When most people think of graffiti, their mind probably turns to the bright tags you see on train ca...

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5 Impressive Garages Owned by Celebrities

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous include fast cars, and lots of them. Presumably they also incl...

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8 Amazing Homes That Use Garage Doors in the Interiors

8 Amazing Homes That Use Garage Doors in the Interiors

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9 Jaw Dropping Garage Door Murals

You know how it is. You purchase a beautiful home in the suburbs, and design and curate every detail...

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From Messy Garage to Enviable Workspace: Part 2

This is Part 2 of our previous post, From Messy Garage to Enviable Workspace: Part `. This final par...

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From Messy Garage to Enviable Workspace: Part1

The garage is a fantastic and versatile room in any home. Useful and handy, its purpose is to not on...

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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Most people consider their home to be their most important asset. Most, if not all, of your other as...

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Maintenance to Keep Your Automatic Garage Door in Good Condition

Whether you’re more of a DIY homeowner or the type who will always want the best quality professiona...

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How to Spring Clean Your Garage

The garage may seem like the most utilitarian space in your entire home, but remember that it’s also...

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7 Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most used doors in any building. It’s easy to take for granted, as it’...

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Strong Sectional Overhead Doors

Looking for strong sectional overhead doors or garage doors that can withstand storms, even cyclonic...

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