3 Ways To Bring Natural Light Into Your Garage

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | August 15, 2016
3 Ways to Bring Natural Light Into Your Garage

One of the most underused spaces of the home, the garage is commonly looked at as merely a place to put the cars and any other clutter you don’t want around the house. But the garage can be so much more.

With a little care and thought, the garage can be an important extension of your living space. Like your other utility rooms it can be a place of practicality and usefulness, and like any other utility room in your home, it deserves good lighting.


Garage lighting comes in all kinds. Fluorescent lights are a good option for lighting a workbench beneath a cabinet or shelf as not only are they more energy efficient than incandescent lights, they won’t heat up to dangerous temperatures. Fluorescent lights are also compact, meaning they won’t infringe on valuable workspace, and they can be clipped together to create one continuous strip.

For focused light halogens are the brightest, but they do get hot, making them impractical for under cabinets. Your best bet for focused lighting would be to install Xenon bulbs. They will not only last longer than halogens, but won’t burn so hot.

Clamp lights can be great for working on individual projects and for times when you’re moving around the garage.

Natural light in the garage

Natural light is a fantastic feature for a garage, illuminating the space throughout the day at no cost. Garages tend to be dark and gloomy places, and by incorporating natural light, your garage is instantly transformed into a more inviting, functional area. Natural light creates a space to enjoy, a space to feel proud of, and a space capable of reaching its full potential. It also reduces shadowing caused by artificial light, which can make using power tools dangerous.

There are several ways in which to introduce natural light to your garage:

1. Windows

Windows are an excellent way to let in natural light, but unless you’re building your home or garage from scratch, it’s not so easy to suddenly place a few holes in the walls. Instead, you could choose to add windows to your garage door, a relatively simple process.

Garage door windows help to brighten a dark space and they also break up large panels, providing aesthetic interest and dimension. Windows make the garage feel like a more included part of the home, instead of just an extension of the house.

Another bonus is that as windows come in all shapes and sizes, you can use them to create a uniqueness to your home which the neighbours will envy. Windows in the garage door can increase curb appeal, which according to Stratamark Research, could increase your home’s value by as much as four percent. If you’re planning on selling your home, buyers judge a house by its exterior, and a simple set of garage windows could be your winning ticket item. Not only do they look great from the outside, they make the garage look great on the inside too - all for a relatively low investment.

The drawback to garage door windows is that they introduce a fragility to your garage door. Garage doors are strong and rigid, and as you know, glass is not. If the kids are fans of a game of driveway cricket, you might decide against them.

Another downside to garage door windows is that just as natural light can peer through, so too can passerbys. For this reason we suggest placing your garage door windows above eye level, especially if you plan on storing valuables in your garage.  

2. Skylights

A skylight can instantly brighten your garage when placed strategically - even more so if you add two. Bringing the lighting in from above effectively reduces shadows caused by artificial light, making working in the garage a safer process.

Should you choose a ventilated skylight, you can also bring some air to your garage, making it a more comfortable room to use. Unlike fixed skylights, ventilated skylights give you the ability to release hot air that gets trapped inside in the summer and allows cooler air to be drawn indoors and circulate. If privacy and security is important to you, a skylight is a durable and secure option.

The downside to skylights are that they are vulnerable to leaks, exposing the risk of your valuables being damaged.

3. Glass garage door

A modern and stylish glass garage door can be well worth the investment, bringing increased curb appeal and a ton of natural light. The style of your door can match your home’s windows and bring together the overall look of your home. Being entirely glass, the light inside the garage reduces any chance of the garage appearing dark or gloomy.

Glass garage doors can be entirely glass or metal framed and can appear both translucent or frosted. Frosted is an excellent option if privacy is a concern.

The downside to a glass garage door is the added fragility.

You will see the difference

As you can see, there are several ways to incorporate natural light in the garage, each presenting its pros and cons. Weigh up your options and decide what’s best for you, but know whichever choice you make, you will LOVE your new naturally lit garage. Never underestimate the power of natural light and how much more useful a functional garage can be.