Measures That Ensure Your Garage Door Provide Maximum Security

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | February 05, 2019
Measures that ensure your garage door provide maximum security

Garages can be where you store some of your most expensive possessions, and this doesn’t always mean your vehicles.  With recent statistics showing that the majority burglars enter houses through the garage, and it adds up to needing to ensure your garage security is top-notch.  There are plenty of things that you can easily do to secure your garage and protect any goods or toys stored there as well as entry to your property.

Keep your garage closed (and locked!)

It sounds simple, but close and lock your garage door unless it is in active use.  Leaving a garage door open during the day invites nosy people and potential thieves time and opportunities to scope out your belongings.

Garage Remote

If you have an automated garage remote, don’t keep it in your car.  Invest in a keychain and take it with you, otherwise anyone gaining access to your car will also gain access to your garage and potentially your home.

Lock any connecting doors

If you have one, make sure the door between your house and garage is securely locked.  Just because someone can gain access to your garage, you don’t want it to also mean they have free reign over your possessions. Another tip is to ensure you have a solid door between the garage and your home, so it is not something that even if locked can be easily breached.

Secure garage windows

Ensure any garage windows have sturdy locks and cannot be opened from the outside.  You can also frost or cover any windows with curtains on the inside to prevent anyone peeking in

Garage Door Timer and closer

Installing a sensor that triggers the garage door to automatically close can bring peace of mind if you are worried about forgetting to close the door after you.  Just don’t forget to disable it if you are working in the garage!

Motion sensor lights

One factor that can deter thieves is lighting. Motion activated lights are the best as they get lit on sensing a movement, therefore, saving energy and money. They are easy to install and customize to your specific needs, lighting your path home as well as discouraging any possible burglars.


Make sure that you regularly serviced and maintain your garage door and automated door opener if you have one.  Old or damaged doors are a lot easier to break into.


If you are leaving your home for an extended holiday, you can secure your garage while you are away.  Installing a door anchor on the floor to lock the door to the ground is one easy option, ensuring that it’s impossible to lift your door without the key, while staying low to the ground to not prevent easy entry and exit when not in use.  Another option is locking the manual lock on your garage door, or using a clamp on either side of the door track to lock it down.