7 Reasons To Choose A Shed Made Out Of Steel

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | August 07, 2017
7 Reasons to Choose a Shed Made Out of Steel

Of all the materials that are available when building a shed or constructing a garage door, steel should be high on your list of considerations.If made from steel, you can be sure that your shed will be constructed to a pristine quality, guaranteed to last and serve you - and your garden - for a great many years.

That’s just one benefit to choosing steel. The benefits to this versatile material are many and varied indeed:

1. Steel is easy to work with

One of the great things about steel is that it’s relatively lightweight, which means if you’re constructing your own shed, it’s physically much easier to assemble than the equivalent shed would be in wood, brick, or any other material.

2. Steel lasts for a long time

As a material, steel is expected to last and be able to withstand the elements. Highly durable, steel is perfect for the Australian climate, as it is able to cope with both the hottest day and the strongest, wettest storm.

3. Steel looks great

Steel is highly malleable, meaning that you can shape it to suit any sense of aesthetic or design that you might want, which is especially handy when you want your garage door to match the exterior of your home. It’s also a very easy material to colour, and it weathers well, meaning that over its long life, your shed or garage door will age gracefully and continue to look like it belongs.

4. It’s not a fire hazard

Some materials are naturally fire hazards; wood, for example. But steel is fire retardant, and requires a very, very high temperature to melt down. In the event of a fire, steel is one of the safer bets for keeping your tools or other items stored within it safe. Alternatively, if a fire breaks out in the shed, having it built with steel is your best bet in preventing the fire from spreading to your garden or home.

5. Steel is harder to break into

Steel sheds generally feature reinforced hinges, doors, and walls, making it hard for a thief to physically break into it. Wooden or plastic sheds - the other common shed materials - are often favoured targets by thieves, because they are easier to break down or into. Steel garage doors are also a strong, durable choice.

6. Steel is easier to maintain

Aside from a new coat of paint every few years, steel-based sheds and garage doors are very easy to maintain - in that they don’t need maintenance at all. Many believe that, as metal structures, steel sheds are susceptible to rust, but a galvanised layer that comes as standard for steel prevents rust from forming and reduces any other kind of corrosion. On the other hand, a wood shed needs to be constantly treated, else it starts to warp or develop mould.

7. Steel is cost-effective

As mentioned above, steel is lightweight, making it easy to transport, and that reduces fuel costs in moving the material around. It’s also cheaper on maintenance costs, as outlined above. Finally, steel is recyclable, so at the end of its life, it can either be repurposed or removed relatively cheaply. For example, you could use the materials to build a new dog kennel. Put together, steel is a less expensive material over its lifespan, making it the ideal choice for the budget-conscious.

Multiple benefits when using steel for your garage or shed

When the steel in question is of an especially high quality, the benefits are even more extreme. Steel is an inexpensive way to build everything from the highest of skyscrapers, right down to the humble garden shed or garage door.

As it’s such a part of our culture, working with steel in Australia makes it easy to get support and advice where you need it. Contact ARD Garage Doors today to discuss how we can help build you the perfect steel garage door.