9 Security Tips For Your Garage

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | September 01, 2016
9 Security Tips for Your Garage

On average, an Australian home is burgled every two minutes, which amounts to more than 200,000 home invasions every year!

Home invasion is a real threat and as with any threat, it pays to be prepared. Understanding the facts and knowing how to increase your security can help reduce the risk that you’ll one day be another home invasion statistic. The number one reason for a burglary is ease of accessibility, so by securing your home you can safeguard yourself against theft.

Simple steps for safeguarding include:

  • Locking doors and windows
  • Keeping gardens maintained and not overgrown
  • Not leaving spare keys on the property
  • Outdoor sensor lighting
  • Arranging for someone to collect mail/junk mail when away
  • Keeping valuables away from windows

But for now, let’s concentrate on securing your garage...

Why secure your garage?

According to Budget Direct Insurance, a home-connected garage is often the first step for someone attempting a break-in. This is because people often forget to treat the doors that lead to their garages with the same security standards as the doors that lead outside, and because thieves will often use various tools or supplies from the garage to help them get into your home. Even if they can’t get access to your home, there are probably plenty of garage items that offer value too, including vehicles. Tools and machinery can be easy to sell, making them a popular steal for thieves.

So how do you make your garage more secure?

1. Install a security system

Your first action should be to install a security system in your garage, and make sure it is connected to the home security system. Providing the system is set, any person attempting to enter your garage will trigger the alarm. Even on the occasions that you forget to set the alarm, the presence of a security system can sometimes be enough to put a burglar off.

2. Limit window shopping

Windows are great for your garage as they let in lots of natural light and add aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. But they also invite window shoppers. If you choose to have windows in your garage door, install them up high and above eye level, reducing the chance of thieves taking a peek. You could also frost your windows which only allows the light to peek in.

3. Secure the door

The door that leads from your garage to your home should be treated as any other door that leads to outside. Secure it as you would an exterior door, with sturdy materials and a lock.

4. Install motion detector lights

Motion detectors are infrared waves that detect body temperature and moving objects. Warm objects, like animals, cars or people can be picked up by the detectors and a light will come on. If no other motion is detected, the light will then switch off. Do bear in mind, however, that most home invasions occur during the day.

5.  Use timers

When you’re rushing off to do the school run or flying out the driveway to get to work, it’s easy to forget to close the garage door behind you. For this reason it’s wise to set a timer that will automatically close the door.

Using a timer signals your garage door opener to close the door after a set amount of time, meaning you won’t return home kicking yourself. Most timers are easily self-installed.

6. Get a keychain remote opener

It’s never a good idea to leave your garage door remote in your car, whether it’s parked inside the garage, the driveway or out the front of work. Instead, invest in a keychain remote opener that you can leave on your keys and take with you.

7. Lock the overhead door

If you’re going away for a few weeks and won’t be using your garage door, a good idea is to “lock” the door by unplugging the opener. An even better idea, however, is to drill a hole in the track just above one of the rollers and slip in a padlock. An unplugged opener can still be opened from the inside, but a padlocked roller door isn’t going anywhere.

8. Check the condition of your door

Your garage door should be made of solid material and be free of damaged panels or corners that could allow someone to force their way in.

9. Keep your garage locked even when at home

It’s amazing how quickly and quietly someone can enter your home even when you’re there. Keep the garage door closed at all times and remind kids to close the door behind them when riding bikes etc. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you’re free from the risk of a break-in.

Don’t leave the welcome mat out

By failing to put the necessary effort into securing your home, you give criminals an open invitation to come and try their luck. Be smart, secure your garage, and protect yourself, your home and your valuables.