How To Find The Right Garage Door For Your Commercial Space

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | January 15, 2018
How to Find the Right Garage Door for your Commercial Space

A garage door is a major purchase for any commercial business. Not only does it need to be functional as it will likely see heavy use, but it’s also large and one of the first things that employees or clients will see, and therefore an important part of the presentation of the business itself.

On top of that, it needs to be secure, else it will be an easy target for criminals or people who wish harm on your business.

For these reasons, taking the time to really research what garage door you need for your commercial space, and what will be the best fit, is critically important.

Questions to ask before purchasing a garage door

1. What is the primary purpose of the garage?

The right door for your business will depend greatly on how the space inside the building will be used. For example, if the garage will be primarily used for storage, then you’ll want doors best able to protect what is inside from the elements. If, however, it’s to be used for transport, or as a primary entrance to the business, you’ll need doors that can open and close quickly through the day.

2. How robust does the door need to be?

Doors are available in a number of different materials, which can affect the kind of punishment that the door takes. If you’re in an area where conditions will be tough on the door, you’ll want a more robust door, but if damage to the door in unlikely, you could instead invest in a door that provides your business with a more stylish façade to people and clients that pass by.

3. What kind of budget have you got available to you?

There are a number of different garage door designs available on the market, and some of these are more expensive than others. Of course, generally speaking, a more expensive door will also have greater functionality or be better equipped to handle commercial situations, so you’ll need to think about whether it’s worth the trade-off to purchase the more expensive door.

What should a garage door be made of?

There are a wide range of different materials that can be used in the construction of a garage door. Standard choices are steel and wood, but it’s also possible to get doors in alternative materials such as glass.

Generally speaking, however, for commercial applications a garage door should be made from steel. This is a heavy duty, reliable material that can withstand the pressures of commercial or industrial use. Steel can handle heavy weather, collisions, scratches and does so without requiring the same kind of maintenance that other materials might require. It might not look as flash newly installed on day one, but a good steel door on a commercial garage will still be standing and in full operation, as the wear and tear on other materials means they no longer look as impressive as they first did.