Maintenance To Keep Your Automatic Garage Door In Good Condition

Posted by The Kings of Steel | Blog | November 15, 2015
Maintenance to Keep Your Automatic Garage Door in Good Condition

Whether you’re more of a DIY homeowner or the type who will always want the best quality professionals servicing your home, your automatic garage door is something that must be regularly serviced. Without paying careful attention, your garage door could easily fall into disarray and need replacement. Following some simple guidelines should keep you assured that your automatic door will stay in good condition and perform its best.


Keeping your garage door and all the various parts of your opening system clean is vital to the continued operation and longevity of the system. Without proper cleaning, buildup of rust, debris, and other detritus can lead to the degradation or even spontaneous failure of vital parts of the system - which could also cause injury.

Both the exterior and interior of your door itself should be cleaned regularly. How regularly you thoroughly clean your garage door will depend on a number of environmental factors. If you happen to live near salt water, this will require extra attention and care as the salty air will degrade various parts of your garage door system much faster. Using standard cleaning detergent mixed with water, apply with a large soft sponge and rinse off with your hose. If your garage door is made of wood, extra care will also be needed as well as regular refinishing and repainting. Taking the necessary steps to keep your garage door clean will ensure that the other parts of the system stay clean as well.

The other metal parts of your garage door shouldn’t be cleaned with detergent and water as this will cause rust. Instead, use an automotive brake system spray-on cleaner and rag. After cleaning, all the metal parts except the tracks should be lubricated with a non-silicone based lubricant.


Because there are so many metal parts to your garage door opening system, they must be properly lubricated at all times to ensure safe operation as well as keep away rust. Pay close attention to the springs and bearings that make up your system and be sure to use a non-silicon based lubricant.

It’s worth mentioning once again that you shouldn’t lubricate the roller tracks. This is because the lubricant can cause the door to slip out of place, become unbalanced, and generally not function as well as it should.

With a regular, visual inspection of all the hinges, springs, and bearings, you will easily be able to detect any kind of abnormal wear caused by lack of lubrication. Any parts that seem unusually worn or rusted may need replacement. Many parts can be replaced yourself with a few basic tools and a matching replacement part.

Any parts that are spraypainted red or have a safety tag on them are supporting a part that is under high tension and should only be replaced or adjusted by a trained professional. Keeping the moving parts in your garage door system properly cleaned and lubricated will reduce wear, keep the noise of the system down, and ensure that your garage door system lasts.


Regularly inspecting the safety of your garage door opener will ensure that you and your family remain safe while operating your garage door. You can perform these inspections yourself by carefully looking at all the various parts of your system as it operates and making sure that everything seems to be operating as it should. If you notice any malfunction of your garage door opener, it’s a good idea to call in a professional to assess what needs to be done to correct the problem. Some parts may be able to be replaced yourself while others, such as the torsion spring, should only be replaced by a qualified service technician.

Be sure to inspect your garage door system while your car is outside the garage and any items which may hamper your view of the system are out of the way so that you can get a clear picture of all the different parts. Besides the aforementioned red or tagged bolts, it is good to make sure all the screws and bolts in the frame and brackets are tight but be sure not to over tighten.

Keeping your garage door opener in good condition is not a difficult task. With regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance of the various parts of your garage door system, you can be sure that your garage door will continue to operate safely and smoothly. Using the right cleaning materials, lubricants, and replacement parts when necessary, your garage door will outlive you.